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​​​Gabriella Melicia

Gabriella Melicia has been a licensed massage therapist since 2014. She grew up in Evergreen Colorado where her passion for massage sparked. Her goal is to offer alternative medicine for a range of conditions such as anxiety, depression, pain management, muscle tension, insomnia, poor circulation and to remind society the importance of touch! She specializes in Hot Stone, Swedish, Sport, Pre and Post Natal Massage and DoTerra Aroma Touch Therapy. Delight yourself in the basic miracle of life itself while letting go of what you cannot control. Taking time for yourself helps you maintain a more positive lifestyle.

Cassandra Hidalgo has been a natural healer long before she ever learned massage therapy and energy work, so massage therapy fit well into her life as an occupation and a way to help heal and balance people. She graduated from the Denver School of Massage Therapy in 2009. Since then,  Cassandra has helped multiple people along the way. She has her own style of massage that combines therapeutic massage and energy work. The combination helps you feel good from the inside out. She also loves to do Deep Tissue Massage, Injury Massage, Structural Body Work, Prenatal Massage and more! In June of 2015, Cassandra took a course on Hypnotherapy and past life regression taught by the great Dick Sutphen. Through her practice, She's helped so many clients find out what influences, restricts or motivates them.  Book an appointment with her today to start feeling better inside and out!!

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Jaime Mondragon received her massage degree from the Integrative Massage School in beautiful Denver, Colorado. She loves to practice yoga, and believes in an all around wellness mindset.  She is a passionate advocate for natural, holistic medicine. Using her broad skill set, she takes an integrative approach in all of her sessions,  tailoring them to fit the individual needs of her clients. She specializes in Thai Yoga Massage, Myofacial Release, Reflexology, Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and more!  Whether the overall goal stems from physical pain relief, pain prevention, or helping to ease stress and mental discomfort, Jaime works collaboratively with you to help you reach your wellness goals.  

​​​Jaime Mondragon

​​Cassandra Hidalgo